What is DIRECT ETC? 

As our name implies, we concentrate our efforts on Direct Marketing. We specialize in all facets of direct mail marketing – concept, design, print and addressing.

So where does ETC (Et cetera) come in?

Et cetera is Latin for “and other things”. Since direct marketing is constantly evolving, “and other things” has come to mean email, social media, internet, mobiles etc.

In our case it also means Engage The Customer. Engaging prospects to become familiar with, trust and buy from your business – and refer others to do the same!

By integrating complimentary marketing channels such as Direct Mail, Email, Internet, Social Media & Mobile Marketing, we create an effective strategy for the growth of your business.


DIRECT ETC was founded in 2010 by John Irving. Since 1998, John enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing for several direct mail production companies. After 12 years John decided to commit his efforts and energies to a multi-channel marketing approach geared towards helping small to mid-size businesses market like much larger ones.


Over the years, John has built strong & lasting relationships with experts in every field of direct marketing including; list professionals, creative thinkers and designers, web strategists, printers & mailing service providers.

With DIRECT ETC, John brings his own abilities together with these experts to offer agency-grade direct marketing services to businesses of all types, sizes & budgets.

Please visit directetc.com to learn how we will help YOU grow YOUR BUSINESS.

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